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Web Research ServicesThe Internet, has made the world come closer. The Internet connected billions together, furthermore, it has helped us share a lot of information on the World Wide Web. Today almost every piece of information is saved in a digital format, plus it is hosted online not just for open or closed view but also with an intention of sharing that information with others.

The information shared online in the form of websites, blogs, articles; web applications or social media are searchable. To search the web and collect information using search engines is an easy task. However, to search the web for a precise & accurate piece of information requires immense knowledge and technical skills.

We at J&R Solutions, have highly skilled researchers, with proven expertise to scout the web and help locate the specific information based on our client’s demands. All the Web searches conducted are accurate and confidential. This requires a specific skill set of not only how websites are hosted, but also on how the search engine algorithms are built to display information based on keywords used.

All industry sectors such as Automobile, Health Care, Media, Fashion, Construction, Retail, Banking, Real Estate, Law, share information on the web. Sifting through all this information from diverse industry sectors needs great expertise and knowledge. Our Web Researcher uses the first-grade web research tools and techniques coupled with their knowledge of different industry sectors to get the precise information required. We use numerous web-based tools, software’s spiders, scripts that automate search and Macros that helps us deliver and mostly exceed our client’s expectations.

Searching for information such as:

  • Email address
  • Contact Information
  • Records
  • Company Information
  • Extracting website pages, etc.

To create an information base for clients, either into Microsoft excel or PDF is our core expertise. Searching for incomplete records or information such as phone numbers, email address or address is our core expertise. To know more about our Web research solutions, send us a mail at: info@jandrsolutions.biz

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