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Data Entry ServicesEvery growing company has data that needs to be updated from time to time, and in the correct format so Every growing company has data that needs to be updated from time to time, and in the correct format so that they can use it at their convenience. In today’s world, data entry is the elementary and indispensable internal need of every firm. It is a vital area of knowledge that helps enhance competence and the performance standard.

We at J&R Solutions, have an excellent system that has been efficiently developed and helps us to deliver results quickly. We use a time proven, cost-effective approach that delivers accurate and consistent results on all kinds of data entry projects.

We can take care of your listings, survey forms; transaction slips, computer printouts, invoices and any other information that you will require to be kept secure. We offer accurate and exclusive data entry services. Our team of highly qualified and skilled people makes sure the data you provide is accurately entered and stored as per a format of your choice.

Outsourcing your diverse and complex database entry requirements to us can improve the productivity of your business and save time and money at the same time. Our aim is to offer the best back office solutions so that you work does not suffer due to incomplete or non-updated data. We offer dedicated personnel for each project who help analyze any specific needs and provide a solution that meets expectations.

The services we offer under Data Entry Outsourcing, are:

  • Book Data Entry Services
  • Data Capture Services
  • Data Entry from Enrollment Forms
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Image Data Entry Services
  • Invoice Forms Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Online Data Entry Services

These output formats for these services, include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access/Database
  • Text Files
  • Or a Custom Format

Our company has stringent security policies to ensure that the data that you provide is safe and secure, once it reaches our system. We understand the importance of your data and hence take all required steps to ensure that your data is in secure.

Before the data entered files are delivered to you, it goes through a stringent quality control process. As any small error in the file can change the entire interpretation of the data, we ensure that we provide you error free data. This is accomplished through the quality assurance practices we implement for each project.

To know more about our outsourcing data entry services or data entry solutions for your business, please contact us at:

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